Neural Rendering Intelligence

Workshop 2024

Workshop in conjunction with CVPR 2024
Monday, Jun 17th, 2024       Seattle, USA


Neural rendering has demonstrated significant success across various fields, including computer vision, computer graphics, and robotics. The scope and definition of neural rendering have considerably widened, finding applications in numerous downstream tasks. These applications extend beyond merely demonstrating the capability to fit a specific scene; they also uncover the intelligence that arises from neural rendering techniques. As a case in point, several studies have attempted to reconstruct 3D models or render novel views from a single image using generative models, showcasing remarkable generalization abilities. This workshop is designed to promote discussions on the latest developments in neural rendering and the emergent rendering intelligence. We have gathered a diverse group of researchers who will present their most recent findings and perspectives on neural rendering. By organizing this workshop, we aim to lay a strong foundation for the future evolution of neural rendering and recognize its unique contribution to the scientific understanding and advancement of 3D intelligence.

Invited Speakers

Gordon Wetzstein

Stanford University

Yiyi Liao

Zhejiang University

Hao Su


Call for Papers

We invite submissions of both short and long papers (4 pages and 8 pages respectively excluding references). Author kit: CVPR Author KIT.
The long papers will be included in the proceedings of CVPR.
Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Rendering models, e.g., NeRF, 3D Gaussian Splatting, etc.
  • Novel view synthesis, generalizable NVS, NVS from single image, generative NVS.
  • Relighting, e.g., light stage, intrinsic decomposition.
  • Animation, e.g., facial & body reenactment.
  • Rendering with diffusion models.
  • SLAM and analysis by synthesis via rendering.
  • Neural rendering for visual understanding.
  • 3D foundation models.
  • Neural rendering in robotics, autonomous driving, physics, etc.
  • Ethical considerations in neural rendering.

Paper submission and review site: Submission Site

Important Dates

Event Date (Anywhere on Earth)
Workshop paper submission deadline March 27, 2024
Supplementary material submission deadline March 27, 2024
Decisions April 8, 2024
Camera ready April 12, 2024




Ralph Edwards
Fangneng Zhan


Ralph Edwards
Anpei Chen

ETH Zürich & Uni of Tübingen

Ralph Edwards
Adam Kortylewski

MPI-INF & Uni of Freiburg

Siyu Tang

ETH Zürich

Program Committee

Guoxing Sun (Max Planck Institute for Informatics) Pramod Rao (Max Planck Institute for Informatics)
Junaid Wahid (Saarland University) Chi Yu (Technical University of Munich)
Kunhao Liu (Nanyang Technological University) Jiahui Zhang (Nanyang Technological University)
Muyu Xu (Nanyang Technological University) Zuhao Yang (Nanyang Technological University)
Haimin Luo (Shanghaitech University) Shaofeng Wang (ETH Zürich and University of Tübingen)
Bozidar Antic (University of Tübingen) Gongjie Zhang (Black Sesame Technologies)
Songyou Peng (ETH Zürich) Binbin Huang (Shanghaitech University)
Qianyi Wu (Monash University) Taorui Wang (Nanyang Technological University)
Yu Wei (Nanyang Technological University)